Mind Stimulation Therapy Support Group- Announcement of Monthly Meetings

 Mohiuddin Ahmed, Ph.D., and Charles Boisvert, Ph.D. are inviting graduate students in mental health and allied fields and clinicians to join an informal work-group to explore the application of Mind Stimulation Therapy (MST) to various “challenging” clinical populations.  The MST model is grounded in information processing and cognitive stimulation techniques and operates out of a positive psychology framework. The  core MST activities include: 1) body movement-mindfulness-relaxation exercises; 2) mind/cognitive stimulation using discussions of various mental health and general knowledge topics; 3) cognitive stimulation using paper-pencil cognitive exercises as well as self-reflection exercises, and 4) use of visual modality in therapy to  enhance communication between clients and the counselors, such as via the  use  of  computer-facilitated dialogue technique or visually aided techniques. These elements are outlined in the Ahmed and Boisvert’s jointly published book: Mind Stimulation Therapy: Cognitive Interventions for Persons with Schizophrenia, Routledge, NY. 2013

Through these MST Support Group meetings we plan to explore the application of various elements of the Mind Stimulation Therapy model to varied and  “challenging” clinical populations such as people with serious and long-term mental illnesses served by the community support programs of Community mental health centers or other mental health agencies, and the psychiatric inpatient facilities, physically and or psychiatric compromised  clients in the nursing homes, mentally ill and or dual diagnosed clients in the prison systems,  substance abuse clients in residential or community programs, developmentally disabled adult clients exhibiting serious behavioral problems in community or residential settings, and behaviorally disordered  children and adolescents in special education programs of public schools, as well as MST’s possible application to the traditional general outpatient clients.

This informal series of “work-group meetings” will also explore various potential MST projects such as designing workbooks,assessing outcomes of incorporation of elements of MST model in “intervention plans,” and exploring clinical interventions for these challenging mental health populations.

To facilitate discussions, participants are encouraged to discuss specific “challenging cases”, with the idea of discussing how elements of the Mind Stimulation Therapy model can be effectively used with these clients.

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday August 5, 2015 6:00pm-7:00pm in AL 107.at the campus of Rhode Island College, Providence, RI.

Our plan is to meet on first Wednesdays of every month at 6:00pm.  Students and clinicians who would like to attend are encouraged to contact Charles Boisvert, Ph.D. at 456-9621 or cboisvert@ric.edu.

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To All Mental Health Clinicians, Consumers, and Mental Health Community in New England

We are pleased to announce monthly support group meetings on Mind Stimulation Therapy at Rhode Island College, under the Chairmanship of Professor Charles Boisvert, at 600 Mt. Pleasant Street, Providence, RI (401-456-0621). Purpose of the meeting and the time and place are listed in our first posting that follows.